10 Curvy Girls with Big Butts from Cosmid


Cosmid (NSFW) is a nude photography pay site featuring amateur girls and soft content. On the surface, it sounds a lot like FTV Girls, which is probably the more well-known site of the two. But the key difference is that Cosmid showcases girls with a wider range and variety of looks and sizes.

Cosmid touts it’s love for real, sensual women, women who are not models but instead hail from various walks of life. They could be the bartender who serves you coffee, the waitress handing you your check, or the student sitting in the front row of your classroom. Cosmid aims to catch beauty in the everyday: real life brought to you uncut and unedited.

But let’s be honest. While that is nice and all, and commendable, that’s not what brings us here. What’s truly dope about Cosmid is that they embrace girls with curves. And yes, that includes girls with large butts.

That’s a small thing (or in this case, a big thing) missing from most erotic photography sites. For whatever reason, the marriage between soft content and voluptuous women has been lacking. Let’s show Cosmid some appreciation for bucking the trend.

Here are 10 girls from Cosmid known for their big butts. Please note these are not rankings because all booty is good booty, and the girls are listed in alphabetical order. And because I’m tired of typing, I’ve taken real comments (with added proofreading) from some of Cosmid’s members to describe the girls.

Allie Giovanni, Artist, 23

allie giovanni big butt

“Allie is a beautiful babe with great breasts and big ass…”

Amanda Clark, Cosmetology Student, 21

amanda clark big butt

“YES! This site has made me appreciate a bit larger women, Amanda is superbly luscious. I want to do fun things with her, yum yum, a hint.”

Bailey, Student, 23

bailey big butt

“All the right curves.”

Carrie, Caregiver, 26

carrie big butt

“ASS ASS ASS! She is the reason I joined this site… I’ve got hundreds of girls to explore but for some reason I think her ass is going to be very, very hard to beat!”

Ellie Roe, Student, 21

ellie roe big butt

“Every time I see Ellie even semi-naked, I get so fixated upon her tremendous hips! Voluptuousness in all of the wonderful places.”

Georgina Gee, Student, 23

georgina gee big butt

“I joined just for Georgina Gee. We need MORE and MORE like her!
Extreme curves… plus size… teasing…”

Ivana Bell, Medical Field, 24

ivana bell big butt

“Ivana Bell, where have you been hiding with that beautiful figure all this time?!”

Jessie Rhodes, Retail, 25

jessie rhodes big butt

“Agree with all the other comments. Beautiful, curvy lady. Love to see lots more and nude.”

Lillias White, Student, 19

lillias white big butt

“Truly a goddess!”

Lisa Martiz, Retail, 24

lisa martiz big butt

“Beautiful ass, Cosmid please have her wear spandex in a update, please.”

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