Lexxxi Luxe and Her Massive Boobs

The “Girls We Like” series is made up of short (and sometimes weird) posts on pornstars and adult models we enjoy for any variety of reasons. In this edition, we show our admiration for Lexxxi Luxe.

lexxxi luxe
Lexxxi Luxe is a pornstar known for having the biggest boobs on a BBW, which is saying a lot. At 38P, she is most likely correct.

In 60 characters or less, who is Lexxxi Luxe? A BBW pornstar with boobs so massive it’s troubling.

Why do we like Lexxxi Luxe? You have to like any pornstar that uses three x’s in their name. The fact that they do pornography should be enough evidence that they do material intended for adult eyes only. But in the case you aren’t sure, that “xxx” should ease any doubts.

Her boobs are at a size where I don’t think there is an adjective to accurately describe how big they are. Maybe “gargantuan” or “mountainous”. Those sound like words you would hear in Game of Thrones, like her boobs are so big they might as well be mythical or the result of some sort of dark magic.

And yes, she has a colossal (ooh, another fitting adjective), round ass to match. But when the tagline to your solo site is “The Biggest Boobs on a BBW”, we’re not concerned how huge her butts is. We’re concerned with how many hands we would need to fully cover one boob.

Think about it this way: how big must one’s boobs be to be considered the biggest for a group of women that are already large? Apparently the answer is 38P, a bra size that probably shouldn’t exist. But not only is it real, but those breasts are bouncing to the beat of some dude’s dick.

I’ve watched some of her scenes from Plumper Pass, but not really. Like, I watched it, but was so distracted by her boobs flopping from one side of the room to that other that I wasn’t really paying attention to everything going on. Her boobs not only take up the entire screen, but every other visual pales in comparison.

That’s why we like Lexxxi Luxe. She has an elusive hourglass build encased in a BBW body, has been reduced to her mythical boobs, and has fully embraced it. We would have been worshipping this woman centuries ago.

If you like Lexxxi Luxe as well, you should probably follow her or something. Not literally like a stalker, just online. Follow her on Twitter @LexxxiLuxe.

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