Jada Stevens has a perfect ass

In 69 characters or less, who is Jada Stevens? A cute girl, with a cute ass, doing cute ass stuff.

Why do we like Jada Stevens? I actually saw Stevens once at a strip club. I don’t know if she was working the night or just make a guest appearance. But she did a couple of lapdances for some dudes, so I’m assuming she was working a shift.

And by “saw Stevens” I don’t mean anything formal. We didn’t shake hands or exchange names. We didn’t even make mutual eye contact. My eyes made contact with her body for two seconds, and then something distracted me. I’m not even sure how one approaches a pornstar in that type of environment without coming off a little bit like a creep.

No matter what words come out of your mouth, all you’re really thinking is something like, I just watched a scene last night where you took Mandingo’s dick up your butt. I’m Brian! How’s your night going?

Like, I’m sure pornstars have enough awareness to know that the dudes who approach them jerk off to their work. And now they are shaking the hand that choked the dick. I wonder if they think about these encounters that much? I doubt they think about it that much.

jada stevens butt
Did you know that in 2011, she was ranked 43rd on Complex‘s list of “The 50 Hottest White Girls With Ass”? Did you also know Olivia Wilde made that list, instantly killing its own credibility?

Anyway, upon seeing her at the strip club, the first thing I thought of was, Wow. Her ass looks smaller in person than on film. I was expecting this really round, bubble of a butt, and instead got a rather normal looking butt. A cute butt, but normal.

I find this amazing because she is defying normal optics whenever she is on film. Through videos and photos, she sports what may be the perfect ass. When a dude makes a hand motion to signify the shape of the perfect butt (it’s similar to circling a basketball in your hands to get a feel for it), I think her exact butt is what we are motioning. And even better, no one sees any sense in downplaying it. Her ass is her selling point, it’s borderline made of legend, and we embrace that.

That’s why we like Jada Stevens. That night at that strip club in Atlanta, she was literally just another stripper. But when the cameras come on at an Elegant Angel or Brazzers set, she suddenly becomes Buttwoman.

If you like Jada Stevens, you should probably follow her or something. Don’t stalk her at a Publix, just follow her online. She’s on Instagram @2cheekzback. You can also follow her on the Twitter machine @jadastevens420. She’s apparently a little hood, so be cautious.

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