Classroom sex and the hot teacher fantasy

Remember Kathryn Ronk? When I started my first blog some odd years ago, her sexual assault case was one of the more divisive topics I had written about. Here was a teacher, a relatively attractive one at that, facing imprisonment for having sex with a teenage student, and the tone of people’s comments were all over the map.

There wasn’t much debate over the morality of her actions. While there were a few contrarians, overall there was a sense of agreement that grown adults don’t need to be fucking with non-adults. The true debate was tied into gender, culture, and sexuality.

Women saw a crime. Men saw a fantasy.

Women saw a young victim. Men saw a lucky young man living out the teenage dream.

Women saw a predator. Men saw a hot teacher we wished had taught at our schools.

We wanted to be that student, having sex with this woman during lunch breaks and after school. In reality, none of us would have had the capacity to handle a sexual relationship with a married, adult woman in a position of authority. We tend to look at the story from the view of where we’re presently at in our sexual lives.

But nevermind that. Dude got to bone. Even if she preyed on him, he should consider himself fortunate.

The mood changes when it is a male teacher having sex with a female student. The teacher is generally seen as predatory with little opposition. That’s why most porn scenes depicting this classroom fantasy have the student essentially pushing the teacher to his limits, being naughty and flirtatious enough that we can eventually forgive the teacher’s plight of succumbing to temptation. It makes us feel less dirty.

teacher student sex
The dynamic between a teacher and student in classroom sex fantasies typically puts the man ins a favorable position other either being guided by a teacher or controlling a student.

Both fantasies are conceptually different based on the perspective on the male subject, but they both share common traits that we fantasize about in regards to sex: control and inexperience.

On a simple level, hot teachers are a rarity, especially at the high school level. By that point, students are typically dealing with much older and more professionally experienced teachers. The idea that an educator can be gorgeous is cool enough.

But now an inexperienced male student doesn’t have to deal with the pressure or awkwardness of having sex. I’ve heard stories from people who lost their virginity to equally inexperienced partners. It’s a disjointed and quick mess that no one walks away from with a smile (except for maybe the guy).

While there are probably elements of control that are satisfying for the teacher, for the viewer the fantasy is in the male student being guided and getting a sexual education. I remember sex ed. An education leading to getting my dick sucked would have been exceedingly better than watching a video on how a blowjob can lead to herpes.

On the flip side, a male teacher having sex with a female student is firmly about control for the man. Once again, the pressure is taken off of the male subject. The female student is initiating the sexual contact, making it so the teacher only has to give into it.

Remember the common theme behind all sexual fantasies depicted in porn: making access to sex easy. A young student insistent on begging for dick is easy. It’s immoral, but requires no work on the teacher’s part.

Plus, the teacher gets full control over the sexual experience with the ability to make it purely about his satisfaction. The student doesn’t know what’s considered good and what isn’t. It puts the teacher in a position of being on a pedestal.

For men lacking sexual confidence, the idea of being the more experienced person and showing a partner how sex works is an internal boost. There is a sense of power that they typically never get. The intimidation of sex with a woman who can quickly decipher if the experience is pleasurable is gone.

And having sex in a classroom is just taboo, no different than banging in a library or getting head behind a tree at a community park. The classroom is a place for higher learning. Now it’s being used to carry out our deviant urges.

The fantasy of classroom sex with a teacher is less about the environment or Catholic school girl attire and more about the dynamics between the characters. Whether he’s the student or the teacher, the man is in the favorable position of having relaxed sex that required little effort on his part. To be guided through sex at a young age beats the clumsiness of dealing with another inexperienced partner, while guiding a woman through her inexperience gives men a power they otherwise might not possess in other facets of life.

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