Eva Lovia did anal. It’s a big deal, apparently.

Earlier, I was watching one of the worst wrestling PPVs in the history of the WWE. Yes, it’s the 1995 King of the Ring. The one where Mabel won the whole thing. That one.

Which has nothing to do with this post, other than being the reason I decided scouring the interwebs for the latest porn happenings was a more prudent use of my time. I don’t like spending time looking for porn. But I like watching Savio Vega face Yokozuna even less.

So what did I find? How about this little nugget (NSFW) from TUSHY.COM. And yes, that is typed in all caps. And yes, the link does lead to pornstar Eva Lovia doing an anal scene.

It’s almost as if my post on anal porn correctly predicted the future. This happened a couple of years back when Riley Reid was at the top of my list for pornstars who had yet to do anal. Funny enough, Eva Lovia was a spot below. And here they are, together, in Eva’s anal showcase. I’d feel responsible for this happening had it not been so inevitable.

Yet as predictable as this moment is, it’s still a big deal. Apparently. I took a quick trip to the Adult DVD Talk forums and dudes were discussing this as if Christmas happened in June. An exagerration, of course, but not too far off.

It’s similar to The Fappening in it’s heyday. A new celebrity woman would have some nudes leaked and you’d think the internet had blown up. There is a picture of Scarlett Johannson’s butt? Stop whatever you’re doing and get to Googling!

Full disclosure: I looked at a few pictures of Johannson, Jennifer Lawrence, and any other famous white celebrities that exist. Know what I concluded after my research? They’re just regular, run-of-the-mill nudes.

Obviously they are attractive, but they are no different than your girlfriend, the local stripper, or that one girl you met at the nightclub that just wanted some fun for a night. While women come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and auras, in the end boobs are boobs, ass is ass, and the differences aren’t that drastic. Truthfully, a nude celebrity isn’t a big deal.

I mean, it’s a big deal in the sense they are famous, vulnerable for that moment, and leaking photos is both creepy and of low moral taste. But as far as the aesthetics of their actual naked bodies, it’s not a big deal. You have more than likely spent time with a woman (or seen a woman) sharing that EXACT same body or similar.

Like, I just took the time (30 seconds) to find nudes of Olivia Munn. A small part of me is like, “Ah man, that’s crazy. Olivia Munn is nude.” But a big part of me is like, “Eh, titties and pussy be titties and pussy.” It’s nothing I haven’t seen, so what am I getting hot and bothered for?

It’s like the time me and a friend went to a strip club, and I noted how the girl on stage had nice boobs. And my friend goes, she says, “You STILL get excited about tits?” In reality I was just making typical bro talk, but she had a point.

And that’s where I was, watching a trailer for Eva Lovia’s anal scene. It’s cool and all. Watching hot women fuck on camera is dope and everything. But it’s nothing we haven’t already seen.

It’s the lesson I learned from watching so many Mike Adriano scenes. We see so many butts get violated that the visuals start to blend together and we can’t tell the difference between roughly 87% of the asses we looked at. Anal is anal is anal.

Seeing Eva Lovia’s scene didn’t feel that much different than Rachel Starr’s. Or Jada Stevens’. Or that other girl with tan skin and a round butt. What’s her name? You know, that girl.

But just like those celeb nudes, seeing Eva Lovia be the one to do it felt like a major event in porn. Because it’s not squarely about the anal scene itself (unless you just really like you some Eva). It’s more so about the fact that she even did it, and that’s kind of hot.

It’s more like an appreciation for the person delving into something new and making a big leap in her career. It’s a phenomenon and feeling that’s hard to explain. Partially because I don’t get that feeling anymore, and the phenomenon itself doesn’t make a ton of sense.

eva lovia

It might just be a case of stripping the imagination after waiting patiently for so long. Have you ever heard the concept “leave something to the imagination?” Having to imagine what something looks like creates more interest and anticipation than actually getting it.

Strippers wisely operate on this idea. If a stripper gave you everything you were looking for upfront, you would had nothing to pay for. Men keep shelling out money based on what they imagine the stripper can bring to the table, and what they imagine spending more money can result in. In the end, you’re left broke and realizing what you paid for isn’t all that special.

A part of that is because the reality isn’t nearly as good as what we imagine. And not because the reality is bad, per say. But it can’t compared to the near perfection the mind can come up with.

It’s like that girl in your neighborhood with the round booty and thin waist. You know, that PAWG in apartment 310. Right now, she’s the sexiest person you know within the radius of a football field. But if those pants dropped, you would see her round butt is like any other round butt you’ve ever seen. It’s still a beauty to look at, but suddenly it no longer holds power.

Now that you’ve seen it, there is nothing to imagine or wonder about. The anticipation and interest is gone. Putting this woman on a pedestal was fueled by the unknown.

That’s The Fappening. And that’s Eva Lovia doing anal. You always had to wonder what Christina Hendrick’s big tits looked like. You had to imagine what Eva taking a member up her butt looked like. But not anymore, and having the imagination stripped from you is kind of a big deal.

You finally got your answer, and that has to be a bit fulfilling in some way. But then you watch the entire scene, your nose just inches away from the computer screen, and an epiphany dawns on you: it’s just another anal scene amongst other anal scenes.

Or maybe not. What do you I know, right?

Like, maybe Eva Lovia’s ass and overall look is so amazing, her taking a penis to the backside is unlike any other backside taking a penis. I mean, for obvious reasons, Ryan Smiles doing anal is vastly different than Anya Olsen doing anal, accounting for butt size and all. Maybe you just really want to see THAT butt do anal.

Or maybe it’s just curiousity, plain and simple. Just wanting to see what it looks like is natural. If Amia Miley did an anal scene tomorrow, I would scope it out. Not because I think it would be the hottest most amazeballs thing ever. But because on an elementary level, I’m just curious to see what it looks like.

That’s what drives The Fappening. Or staring at a female friend or acquaintance far longer than you ever need to. Ever caught a woman staring at your crotch? It’s not because you have Grade A dick. She’s just curious.

Or maybe fans are just happy for Eva Lovia the professional. This is something I noticed in professional wrestling, and kind of explains parasocial relationships. Wrestling fans can base their happeness in a moment on how they feel about the person behind the character.

When Becky Lynch became a Women’s Champion, fans were elated. Not because it was some genuinely incredible moment in wrestling history, or the match was five stars, or the story being told was perfect. They were just happy to see Rebecca Knox, the woman behind Becky Lynch, accomplish that feat.

Avid fans of a medium take what happens deeper than the casual fan. If you have followed Eva Lovia for most of, if not her entire, career, then you might feel this is a big moment for her. And seeing as how you were there every step of the way, watching her content, it feels like a big moment for you to.

It’s like seeing your favorite NFL team win a Super Bowl. Which I didn’t get to do this year. Because the Atlanta Falcons love punching me in the gut whenever possible.

For multiple reasons, Eva Lovia doing anal is a big deal even if it really isn’t. TUSHY.COM monetized on our anticipation, stripped away with the imagination, and gave us what we’ve been waiting for. Everyone wins.

And down the road, after Eva has done like three more of these things, TUSHY.COM is going to bank off the anticipation of someone else (let’s go ahead and imagine it’s Abigail Mac), and Eva will be in the rearview. That’s just how it goes. Once we get answers on one girl, we start imagining the next one.

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