Natasha Nice is the office slut on Brazzers

Most offices have an office slut. Not as an official title, mind you. But there is typically one guy or gal known for getting around. Like Tupac but less cooler.

In this scene from Brazzers, Natasha Nice has been hired as the office slut. Possibly unbeknownst to her, but it’s hard to tell. If there is any confusion, Charles Dera is sure to correct that.

As always, you can follow the scene on PornHub. And as always, this post is NSFW. So if you’re not in a private place or not interested in seeing nudity, I would stop scrolling right … NOW!

natasha nice brazzers


Why does he remind me of porn-version Johnny Curtis? I think this is exactly what Curtis was supposed to be in the heyday of NXT before Vince McMahon watched Dancing with the Stars for the first time. Creepy as fuck but in a way that brings more laughter than cringing.

Speaking of, how many quality talents did those seasons of NXT produce? Those were some dark times where guys like Michael Tarver, Lucky Cannon, some chick named Jamie, Jacob Novak, and Byron Saxton were deemed the future of the WWE. What? Saxton still works there?!

natasha nice brazzers
“Are you new here?”

This looks like a very small office, how do you not keep up with your fellow employees? From the looks of it, Charles and Natasha might legit be the only two people running the asylum. I think 15 employees is the point where not knowing one of your co-workers is deemed acceptable.

natasha nice brazzers

That’s called sexual harassment. Like, textbook sexual harassment. Remarkably creepy at best. Thankfully for Charles, Natasha doesn’t seem wise enough to realize she can sue.

natasha nice brazzers

I don’t think that printer is plugged in. And why the fuck are there two printers for such a small place? And 6 stacks of paper?

natasha nice brazzers
“You know what Natasha? You are really, really, hot.”

THAT’S CALLED SEXUAL HARRASSMENT! Like, right out of the sexual harassment videos Rite-Aid would make its employees watch during orientation. Any second now, the clip will freeze so that the video instructor can ask us what Charles did wrong in this scene.

natasha nice brazzers
“Uhm, what are you doing?!”

Why ask questions, Natasha? We can all see what he’s doing. It’s not rocket surgery, it’s pussy-grabbing.

natasha nice brazzers
“This is crazy. What if somebody walks in?”

This is crazy? THIS IS ILLEGAL! I’m hoping someone walks in. You could say she’s now recriprocating interest making this okay, but that’s also why you probably shouldn’t be allowed around women.

natasha nice brazzers

If somebody walks in, no one cares. Looks like you got your answer Natasha. This office is as lawless as Action Park in New Jersey. Which really makes me hope this is a law firm set in rural Alabama because of course it should.

natasha nice brazzers
“I know Charles. I’m the one that hired her.”

I’m the one who hired her. And stop, just, just stop. What exactly did you hire her for?

natasha nice brazzers
“I have lots of male co-workers for you to meet later?”

What about the female co-workers? Oh fuck me, why would I even ask that question? So she really was hired to be the office slut. The thing that may or may not exist in every office is now officially a thing. A few important questions:

  • Is the pay-rate hourly or salary? And is there overtime?
  • Did the job ad request attractive candidates? If so, that’s discrimination.
  • If not, how many non-attractive candidates were interviewed before Natasha?
  • Which yielded better results: Indeed or Craigslist? I bet it was Indeed.
  • Is a college degree necessary or will experience suffice?
  • Why did the previous office slut leave?
  • Are there opportunities for advancement?
  • Is Mad Men your favorite show?


RBM: “Really, bitch?!” moment. Good on Natasha. I’m guessing this plan wasn’t in the offer letter.

natasha nice brazzers
“Make sure you come on her face when you’re done.”

Hahahahaha. I hope he gets fired if he doesn’t. Remember your training, Charles. Try not to get semen on the folders.

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