Stepmoms Lauren Phillips and Kendra James fight for Edyn Blair on Mommy’s Girl

On this episode of Mommy’s Girl, Edyn Blair is helping her dad choose who to marry. The contenders are Lauren Phillips and Kendra James. So Edyn, in all her wisdom, decides that getting naughty with two potential stepmoms can assist the decision-making process. Yup.

You can watch an extended clip of the scene on PornHub. As always, this post is NSFW. So if you’re not in a private place or don’t want to see adult content, I’d suggest you stop scrolling … NOW!

lauren phillios edyn blair kendra james

Pause. Why is everyone naked?

Considering the name of the website (“Mommy’s Girl”) and porn’s tendency to porn, I’m going to assume the two women to the left and right (Lauren Phillips and Kendra James respectively) are the stepmoms planning to tag team the stepdaughter (Edyn Blair) in the middle. I also attribute this assumption to Lauren and Kendra bickering about making Edyn uncomfortable. Which is understandable and can easily be explained by Edyn being cornered by two randomly naked stepmoms.

I’d be uncomfortable, too. And excited. Probably more excited than uncomfortable, if we’re being honest and keeping score. Why are they all redheads?

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james
“She is going to choose me anyway …”

And as Edyn quietly slips away (smart girl), we get some more backstory. Looks like the stepmoms are competing with one another. Not sure what for. I’m guessing either a) to be Edyn’s secret fuck buddy because … porn, or b) to marry Edyn’s father because … relationships.


Got a naked foot chase on our hands. Is this a thing in wealthy households? That’s a nice house they shouldn’t be running in.


Human tug-a-war. I’m now thinking the situation is more “a” than “b”. Like Edyn has both of them wrapped around her finger. I’m not sure how else to make sense of this.

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james
“She loves me!”

Ah, now I’m getting it: it’s actually both “a” and “b”. In order to be closer to Edyn, either Lauren or Kendra has to marry Edyn’s father. Totally makes sense now. Totally. Everything about this is normal. I’m probably wrong.

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james
“We’ve always had good mother-daughter bonding time.”

I bet you have. Where’s that video?

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james
“I just wanted to see you two together.”

SWERVE! So Edyn got the two stepmoms to fuck for her own enjoyment. This just got interesting. Let’s watch more before putting the puzzle pieces together.

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james

Uh oh. It’s touchy feely time. I can see what’s on Lauren’s mind …

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james
“How can you know you don’t like it unless you try?”

Or we can just hear what’s on Lauren’s mind. She’s getting right to it. And that’s a fair question to pose. I like her. Upfront people are trustworthy. Edyn should choose her.

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james
“Let’s just take it slow, at least …”

Is ten seconds slow enough for you?

Without overloading on screencaps, let’s start piecing this together. So Edyn has a thing for watching lesbian sex based on the admission that she wanted to see the two stepmoms together. So Lauren and Kendra got it on in order to win Edyn’s favor (seeing as how Edyn can have a lot of influence over who her dad opts to marry), but the reality is that only one of them can win.

Now despite Edyn’s voyeurism, she has never actually had sex with a woman. And she’s realizing she just got herself caught up in some crazy shit. So Lauren and Kendra are seeing an opportunity as nurturers to show Edyn how a woman can sexually take care of another woman.

It’s kind of like a tie-breaker. Fucking each other didn’t move the needle, but it stands to reason that whomever can do the best job of satisfying Edyn will ultimately marry Edyn’s dad. Yo, this story is deep. Okay, let’s get back to the screencaps.

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james

Yup, we’re still touching and trying to convince her to fuck. Gotta hand it to Edyn, she’s a fighter. Even if she’s fighting against something of her own making.


Edyn! Don’t let these admittedly highly attractive temptresses suck on your tits, rub you down, and complicate the situation even further. Speaking of, doesn’t Kendra James loosely remind you of Melisandre? No? I just got Game of Thrones on the brain?

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james

Oh no, she’s about to go down on you. Stay strong Edyn!

lauren phillips edyn blair kendra james

Fuck. Welp, I think Lauren Phillips is your winner.

Back to my original thinking. So they’re all redheads, which makes me wonder:

  • Does Edyn’s dad have a thing for redheads and is staying consistent in his choice of partners? Or …
  • Does Edyn want the competition for her dad to come down to redheads because it makes her feel sexy, or something stupid like that?

I bet the producer just thought having a scene of redheads would be cool. Mommy’s Girl just thought it would be cool, didn’t they? Yeah, I bet that’s it. On a random note, Edyn Blair has a nice bush, no?

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