Mellanie Monroe hooks up with Katerina Kay and her boy toy on Moms Bang Teens

I used to attend a predominantly white private high school. I would hear stories of crazy shit involving students and sex. This is probably one of those stories.

On this episode of “Moms Bang Teens” from Reality Kings, Mellanie Monroe catches Katerina Kay’s fuck buddy in the kitchen. Having people over is against the rules. As punishment, Mellanie forces the boy to have sex with her and Katerina. Yup.

Follow along on PornHub. As always, that link and this post are NSFW. So if you are not in a private area or don’t like viewing depictions of nudity and sex, I would suggest you leave … NOW!

katerina kay

Multiple problems here:

1. Never choose wide-open spaces that aren’t private when fucking. Especially if you’re a teenager living under someone else’s roof. Rookie mistake, choosing the biggest room in an already big house.

2. I know the power of boners is strong. But kid, ever heard of stealth? He has no way of covering up quickly if someone walked in. Never pull the pants all the way down.

3. Don’t answer the phone. And if you are going to answer the phone, drop the dick. As Magneto once said, “If you’re using half your concentration to look normal, then you’re only half paying attention to whatever else you’re doing.”

Point being, multi-tasking is overrated. Katerina is either going to give this guy a bad handjob because she’s trying to hold a normal phone conversation, or she’s going to slip-up on the phone and blow her cover.

4. She left him hanging just as he was getting ready to bust. That’s bad service. He should pay Madeline across the street a visit. “Madeline” is a really white name, no?

katerina kay
“Sorry, I was doing homework. That’s why I didn’t pick up right away.”

Word? Homework? That’s what you came up with?

mellanie monroe

That’s a pretty empty fridge. Never pay so much on a mortgage that you can’t afford food. Also, snooping.

mellanie monroe

Fucking fuck kid, you didn’t even button up your shirt?! White dudes, amirite? Yup, that was racist.

mellanie monroe
“Looks like you didn’t finish. You’re still hard.”

Damn, Mellanie Monroe has a lot of ass.

And this dude is frustrating me. He didn’t even let his boner die down. He’s making every mistake you can think of, but because porn is always going to porn, he’s still going to get a chance to tap that ass.

And I chose those words because you know that is something he would tell his friends tomorrow. Friend #1 would be like, “Dude, did you seriously have sex with Ms. Mellanie?” And the guy would be like, “Yea bro, I totally tapped that ass.”

The group of friends will proceed to share high-fives. But the one black friend would be like, “Ya’ll lame as fuck.” and ponder why his life is VERY much unlike their lives. But in the back of his mind he’d still think, “But Ms. Mellanie sho’ got a lot of ass though.

mellanie monroe
“Uhm, what are you doing?” (boy) “You’re in my house now!” (Mellanie Monroe)

Hahahahaha. 10% strong enough to question the moment, but 90% weak enough to proceed anyway. Such a dude.

And if this is how Mellanie rolls in her house, all the guys should be trying to fuck Katerina simply to get to Mellanie. Especially after this kid spills the beans. But loose lips sinks ships. Mellanie will be arrested by the weekend.

mellanie monroe
“You ever had sex with an older woman?”

White guys or light-skinned brothers born into affluent living: what is this like? Write me at with your stories. I know you have them.

mellanie monroe

Hahahaha. I don’t know if I’m laughing because he still has a hard-on or because he still has no pants. And Mellanie, you just gave him a handjob and a proposition. I doubt he’s going anywhere.

mellanie monroe katerina kay
“So now I’m going to play with your little boy toy.”

Mellanie has a unique take on punishments. I feel like this has happened before and by now Katerina knows the deal. Unbeknownst to Katerina, the guys know the deal, too.

katerina kay
“As long as you don’t tell my dad. I cannot have my allowance cut off.”

“I cannot have my allowance cut off” might be the realest shit said in this entire scene.

mellanie monroe katerina kay

Even Mellanie can sense this girl’s head game isn’t up-to-par. I bet Madeline doesn’t have this issue. We both know there is a Madeline somewhere in that neighborhood. According to Google images, she wears a yellow hat.

mellanie monroe katerina kay

This already escalated quickly, but now we’re kicking into third gear.

This also confirms this is a thing these two do, no? Katerina brings in a new boy, they get “caught”, and then Katerina and Mellanie tag team him because what else are they going to do on a Sunday. Watch football? Please. Maybe play badminton.

There are a number of issues that can come up: jealousy between Mellanie and Katerina, someone finding out and blackmailing them, a boy snitches after not getting a chance to partake, etc. The last one is maddening because it only takes one envious prick to ruin it for everyone else. Snitches get stitches for a reason.

mellanie monroe

He might not be the brightest, but he knows to end things on a high note. Damn, Mellanie Monroe has a lot of ass. I said that already? Just reaffirming my stance.

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