Nacho Vidal picks up Livia Teen off the side of the road

The only time I’ve seen hookers on the side of the road was while driving through Fulton Industrial late on a Thursday night. I mean, I don’t know for certain that they were hookers. But past midnight, I’m not sure why else 11 or so unrelated women be roaming the sidewalks.

In this Evil Angel scene, Nacho Vidal picks up a hooker named Livia Teen and has buttsex with her. In broad daylight. That’s it. Yup.

Follow along on PornHub. As always, that link and this post are NSFW. So if you are not in a private area or don’t like viewing depictions of nudity and sex, I would suggest you leave … NOW!

nacho vidal
“Horny time, looking for bitches.” ~ Nacho Vidal

LOLOLOLOL! That might be the best porn scene intro today. It only took Nacho under five seconds and five words to set the narrative for an entire scene.

Also, is this what men say before browsing through Backpage? I love how getting rid of its “adult section” has changed nothing about that site.

nacho vidal

No traffic and it’s broad daylight. Safe to say he isn’t filming in Atlanta.

nacho vidal livia teen

Is this how it works now? Just stand on the side of the road in an outfit that can only suggest one thing and wait? Either this girl doesn’t know how to illegal, or this city doesn’t know how to legal.

nacho vidal livia teen

I never understood guys that like to watch women walk. But Mike Adriano has made a bazillion DVDs like this, so what do I know? I guess Nacho just likes his girls to have good balance. That’s important.

livia teen nacho vidal

I should note at this point, there is a lot of dialogue but none of it is in English. I can only assume they are talking prices and location. Or why Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job. (Note: The Dolphins signed Jay Cutler today because ROFL!)

livia teen boobs

Sensibly, Nacho wants to view the merchandise before purchasing. Even smarter, Livia is only giving him a sneak peek. These two are true professionals in the art of the transaction.

livia teen nacho vidal handjob

Is this the equivalent of a test drive? And if so, who is doing the testing?

livia teen nacho vidal doggystyle

Oh wow! We’re doing this right now. Is this still the test drive? It’d be a shame if she didn’t get the sale after this.

nacho vidal

At this point, why even bother with being on lookout? I mean, the girl was already out there for gawd knows how long. If no one was interested in saving her then, they won’t be any more interested now.

nacho vidal porn
“Take her home!” ~ Nacho Vidal

To meet your mom? Oh good, we’re doing this proper. “She took some dick on the side of the road — she’s a keeper!”

nacho vidal livia teen anal

Welp, from one backseat to another. Also, we’re going straight to anal because Evil Angel.

livia teen nacho vidal cumshot

“Fuck me” eyes. And send ’em home with the cumshot Nacho!

Does Livia go back to the same spot Nacho picked her up? I could’ve sworn she had a bag with her. What’s the protocol in this case, call her an Uber?

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