Step-siblings Angel Smalls and Codi Lewis don’t care about Thanksgiving

Family Strokes is just another in a long line of porn sites making sexual fantasies out of fucked-up family relations. In this scene, step-siblings Angel Smalls and Codi Lewis are so busy wanting to fuck that they cannot enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Yup.

Follow along on PornHub. As always, that link and this post are NSFW. If you are not in a private area or don’t like viewing depictions of nudity and sex, I would suggest you leave … NOW!

angel smalls

Matching clothes! This is either an easy way to know who the two different families are, or this step-family is trying way too hard. “You know what would help you two grow closer? Wear the same colored polo.

angel smalls codi lewis
“Dad, how much longer?” ~ Codi Lewis

Bro, just check the oven or grab a sandwich.

savana styles

Uh oh, looks like the step-mom is Savana Styles. Suddenly I’m no longer sure where this scene is going.

angel smalls codi lewis

Welp, I’m definitely sure where that hand is going. Looks like Savana is sitting this one out while “Muscles” over here rubs one out with Angel.

angel smalls codi lewis

BRO, is there not another room you could do this? I know we need to establish that the two step-siblings are fucking. But the dad is two steps away from turning what he feels is the “best Thanksgiving ever” to … well, probably still the best Thanksgiving ever.

turkey family strokes

Obviously fake turkey is fake.

angel smalls

Ugh, the two step-siblings are sitting together because of course they would. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal. But in this case, they’re just sitting together to continue this “it’s fun getting you off in front of our parents” bullshit.

family strokes
“Our little angel is about to go off to school herself.” ~ Random dad

First off, nice play on words. That was cute. Second, he just said the boy is already in school while Angel will be a freshman. So the boy is fucking a high schooler? You may be able to lift 200 lbs and put it back down, but that’s weak, bro.

angel smalls codi lewis

The father clearly asked to join hands for prayer! I hope God opts not to bless your food. Bet that turkey will taste like whatever balloons are made out of.

codi lewis

The fuck outta here, bro. You know it’s not that good.

angel smalls codi lewis
“… Evil men that’s palming at her. Just keep her safe from them,” ~ Random dad

Not everyday you hear the word “palm” used as a verb. Wait, what does that even mean? Urban Dictionary, help me out here:

Palming: When a person rubs a man’s boxers, where his penis is.

Oh. So where the penis is? Got you, that makes sense but doesn’t at all. Why would the father say that? Whatevs, God definitely isn’t listening to your prayers right now. Just get on with the dinner.

codi lewis angel smalls
“I’m actually feeling sick a little bit …” ~ Codi Lewis

Bro, do you even know how to lie? A few minutes ago you were asking how much longer till the food was ready. Now you’re feeling sick? Go somewhere with your dumbass.

angel smalls

SEX ALERT! Nothing cures a dizzy head quite like head. What excuse did she come up with? I bet she embarassed them for buying fake food. That house doesn’t even belong to them.

angel smalls codi lewis

Safe to say he’s feeling better, no?

angel smalls codi lewis

Send ’em home with the cumshot Generic White Guy #4! Wipe your chin off before returning to the dining room. I bet that turkey is deflated by now after Savana tried to carve it with a plastic knife.

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