Mia Malkova has sex with a peeping perv on Mofos because she’s crazy

Mofos dabbles into reality porn with younger porn stars. In this scene, Mia Malkova and her suspiciously round butt (joking) has sex with a peeping Tom trying to be Mr. Nice Guy™ and investigate if a stranger has entered Mia’s home. Because everything is an invitation for sex.

Follow along on PornHub. As always, that link and this post are NSFW. If you are not in a private area or don’t like viewing depictions of nudity and sex, I would suggest you leave … NOW!

mia malkova

Stalking. Or peeping. Not sure which one it is. Google dictionary, help me out, please:

Stalk: pursue or approach stealthily.
Peep: look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening.

So this is definitely a case of peeping … that could turn into a case of stalking. Or he could do his pursuit clumsily. Like most creeps.

mia malkova

Why is THAT your picture of her? So being a creep is a regular thing for him, and if I know my porn well he’s going to somehow be rewarded for it. Anyway, I’m puzzled they have each other’s numbers, so let’s see how this plays out …

mia malkova
“I think that someone might be inside my house. Could you please just come and check it out?” ~ Mia Malkova

Uh, fuck no. That’s what the police are for. Literally. They literally exist for situations just like this one. Why are you trying to get your neighbor killed?

Have we learned anything from horror movies? If we are going to call someone for help (and essentially bring them closer to death), volunteer the cops. They have guns, and tasers, and backup and shit to defend themselves while we run to our cars and drive off.

You are white, pretty, and living in an affluent neighborhood. You don’t have to be concerned about the police coming over and suddenly treating you like a suspect or criminal.


It just hit me that this could be an elaborate set-up. Like, Mia knows this guy creeps on her and would do anything to eat her panties. So she has a bunch of dudes inside ready to beat him senseless. Which again, if she were concerned about her creepy-ass neighbor, CALL THE POLICE!

mia malkova
“I heard a noise, and I think that someone might be in the house.” ~ Mia Malkova

GET OUT THE FUCKING HOUSE! I know her flirtatious smile suggests something else is going on, and this guy is going to investigate regardless because … pussy. But Christ on a bike, get moving!

mia malkova
“You’re not wearing any panties.” ~ Creepy neighbor

This video interview is literally the opposite of investigating what’s going on. Bringing a camera to investigate isn’t going to do shit. You’re banking on the trespasser being like one of those guys on To Catch to Predator, more than happy to sit down and explain themselves upon getting arrested.

And another thing, you know damn well you did not bring the camera to investigate. This dude is so creepy it’s actually killing my boner for a scene involving Mia Malkova and her ass.

And another thing, I can’t tell who is trying to lure who at this point. Mia went all Sharon Stone on us while dude behind the camera is just seconds away from pulling his dick out in all the confusion. Just fuck already and get this over with.

mia malkova
*Giggles* Oh my gawd, I’m such a dork.

* Sigh *


SEX ALERT! And “fuck me” eyes. And there still might be a guy running around the house. This really is the worst horror movie scene, ever.


Okay, this blog has shown that the common denominator between all reality porn scenes is the idea of making the pursuit of sex easy. Above any and all fantasies, viewers desire quick access to pussy that requires little work. This is the first time both the woman and man exhibit this.

Mofos combined a horny woman concocting a half-assed plan with a creeper who is probably also a peeping tom and literally fits the definition of a “perv” based on the evidence we have. And yet, they both got what they wanted. Having sex is just this simple folks.


Holy shit, this guy really is a creep! What is he doing peeping around this neighborhood? I bet he’s just there for the summer, living with his rich aunt until he can save enough to get his own pad. But that would require him to get a job first.

What porn taught us: Apparently you can be a peeping perv and still have sex with the apple of your eye, while peeping. All because you volunteered to help out with a potential trespasser, but not really and said trespasser might still be in the house. They’re both getting stabbed like Scream.

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