Understanding Kelsi Monroe, her bubble butt, and SPLITS!

Kelsi Monroe is a mid-20’s pornstar known for her bubble butt and ability to do splits. And if you need a visual aid to help you understand what I mean, here’s a GIF:

kelsi monroe splits

I know, right?

I think the first time I saw a Kelsi Monroe clip was maybe three or four years ago on BangBros. (Editor’s note: Almost exactly four years ago.) The synopsis had the usual porn tropes: tasty pussy, perfect ass, etc.

(Editor’s Note: Does the studio do a taste test to determine if a pornstar’s pussy is tasty? I know it’s a statement you can throw out there with no resistance. It’s just such a weird thing to add.)

But then Bangbros added an interesting tidbit: Monroe is super flexible. They got me attention. So much so that I meant to type “my.” Then Bangbros said this: “Doing splits shaking that juicy ass against the wall, chairs and the floor.”

That is a lot of things to do splits on. And two of things are infrastructure. Kelsi Monroe was doing splits on all the things. She probably did this during the audition, Bangbros knew it was her biggest selling point, and simply had at it.

Doing splits during sex is her thing. She can do splits while riding, while standing, even while doing anal. It’s legitimately amazing to watch because odds are you will NEVER run into a woman who can do this.

kelsi monroe split
Image of Kelsi Monroe from PornHub (via Teens Love Anal)

This is probably the way Dolph Ziggler wishes his partners would have sex. Just doing a bunch of unnecessary athletic shit. Ziggler and Monroe need to connect somehow.

And Monroe is the true definition of a whooty. Saying an ass is “perfect” is highly subjective, but this is probably as close to a universally perfect butt as we’re going to see.

Remember in high school when you would stare at the girl volleyball players during a game or practice (and you know you did because we all did), and always noticed that one girl with the bubble butt? And you always wondered what it looked like? Kelsi Monroe is the answer.

Porn is giving us the visual we actually wanted back when we were teenagers. Moments like this make it so much easier to understand why teenage boys get hooked to porn. Kelsi Monroe is everything we hope a thick gymnast is in the bed, and we can thank porn for that.

How do I follow her? On social media, that is.

Thanks for the clarification. Follow her on instagram @officialkmig. She’s a gymnast, dancer, and choreographer. She has plenty of images to prove it.

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